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If you are interested email Susie and she will let you know when she has the workshop scheduled.

Get Out of Crisis Mode and Into the Next Act of Your Life

You may have lost your job, or you're worried about losing your job. Or you may be at your wit's end about what seems like a marathon job search. Whatever the circumstances, you're in a paralyzing crisis mode and it's keeping you from significantly moving your job search forward. During this workshop you'll air out the negativity-the job search worries that keep you up at night. Once the negativity is out on the table, you'll learn how to quickly switch gears into more positive and productive job search activity. By the end of the workshop Life Coach Susie Horgan will pinpoint strategies for coping with and managing the negativity that can't completely disappear, help you develop a clear vision of where you could be in five years and spur you toward a preliminary action plan for reaching your goals.

Group Coaching


There are many advantages to experience coaching in a group. For one thing, there is safety in numbers and being in a community of advocates. It removes the feeling of separateness and isolation that can often come in times of difficult transition and provides a supportive community of like minded people who are in the same situation. Also, often it’s difficult to see our own obstacles, but when we see them in others; it’s easier to recognize them in ourselves. Recognizing those obstacles or gremlins is the first step toward moving beyond them. In addition, the collective wisdom of the group helps people make bigger commitments that move then faster and farther because of the vision the group holds for each individual. Groups can be done on the phone or in person, either way they create a bond allowing everyone to get to the heart of the matter more quickly. And lastly it makes coaching much more affordable which is important at a time like this.